Day after Thanksgiving, we visited Bangor, ME.  It is a lovely city with graceful and not too tall buildings.  I’ve been there many times but had not had the opportunity to take pictures.  So, on the day of our trip – to the barber, actually – I walked about the city while the male members of my family had their haircut.   Since there were five of them to be attended to, I had about an hour to roam freely and enjoy the sights.

I was most fascinated by the body of water that cut the city in two.  If I am not mistaken, it is called Kenduskeag Stream.  It empties into Penobscot River.   Bridges span the stream to connect one side of the city to another.   I wandered about the city not scared of being lost.  I only had to find my way back to the stream to find my bearings.

I’ve been planning to post these photos for some time now.  When I learned about Cee’s challenge this week, LINES, I figured that these pictures qualify as a response.  When I looked at them the first time, one thing struck me:  Bangor is a city of symmetrical lines.  Just look at the stream – it seemed to have been corralled into a  long box; while the bridges over it and the rails about it show intersecting lines.  Meanwhile, most of the buildings in the area have clean lines defined by the bricks and pillars and windows that adorned them.

I was in a mood last night while I was preparing the pictures.  I  turned them all into monochromatic brown.  Well, there were two which escaped my tampering – just to show you that Bangor is not the antique city that, according to my husband, I turned Bangor into.   So please pardon me if my editing had been unwise.  However, it certainly satisfied my desire to effect change on something – even when they turned out to be just photos. 🙂

Have a great day and please do visit Cee for more responses to her challenge.


  1. I like your photos and the composite you have made. All the images and the colors go so nicely together. You did good! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, siggiofmaine. 🙂 Apart from the linear trait of Bangor, I am also impressed by the graceful houses and buildings that line the city, and with e quaint shops lining the streets. I hope I can have photos of them one day.

      I have visited the shore towns of Maine only once but I was impressed by the serenity of the towns along the coast. I may have passed by Ellesworth without me knowing it. I am not a Mainer but only a regular visitor. 🙂

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