Painting by Murillo; The photo is something I got from the web.

The first Eve fell for the Serpent’s lies –
the forbidden fruit would make her and Adam wise
like their Creator who gave them Paradise
but to sin and woe, it only opened their eyes.

Innocence they’ve lost, they’re banished from Eden
The guilt of Adam and Eve visited their children
But God’s mercy would have them forgiven
He promised a Savior to open the gates of Heaven.

As the first woman called upon her race damnation
Through the new Eve shall spring forth salvation
Upon the Serpent, Her Seed will bring retribution
Her foot would crush the liar’s domination.

For generations, the  people of God  waited
 prophets and sages  had God’s promise repeated
For prophecy’s fulfillment, Heaven prepared
A virgin immaculate, pure and unspotted.

Long did darkness reign, then it was morn
From Anne and Joachim’s love, the child was formed
conceived in Grace, glory of creation
She was made worthy to bear God’s First born.

Warrior maiden, filled with Grace
the Archangel Gabriel sang her praise
unblemished Purity conquered darkness
with perfect reflection of God’s Holiness.

When the day came for  Promise to be flesh
she pledged her Fiat and humbled herself
by her obedience, creation was blessed
the curse upon Eve had been reversed.


This was written to celebrate and honor the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion.  Happy Feast Day to all.  🙂  God’s blessings be upon you and your family.


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