Object to be Destroyed by Man Ray, Photo from Magpie Tales

What music does a heartbeat make
that it defines the rhythm
of the song we sing
or the melody of a bird’s trilling?
a laugh, a smile, a tear
the sorrows and joys we hear
all of these from a heartbeat
the music that life makes
makes the world a richer place.

What life does music make
as it seeps through the veins
flooding the heart
with laughter, smiles, and tears
all the emotions one feels and hears
becoming the songs one sings
or the symphony the orchestra is playing.
All of this from music
inspiring the beat
turning life into a richer gift.


This was written for MAGPIE TALES’ MAG 146. 🙂


17 thoughts on “LIFE MUSIC

  1. Lovely. Music is something I grew into, though. I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of music when I was young and inexperienced, but now I can’t understand how I used to feel. Age and life change change you, as does music. So true–“turning life into a richer gift.”

    1. well, when we are, were rather 😉 , we had other priorities. We were chasing dreams. Music, serious music, required to go slow. Now, music got caught up with us. Or, is it the other way around instead?

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