For the great feast, Heaven prepares
Rush of angel wings fill the air
for God on High hallowed the earth
with His only  Son’s humble birth
to One immaculate and fair.

Hope blossomed from out of despair
mankind’s frailty He’ll repair
He covered His creatures with Grace
for the great feast.

“What Grace?” Mankind has other cares
Deep he is in the Liar’s snares
Blinded to the Incarnate gift
he rejoices with hollow mirth
Angels whisper calls to his ears
for the great feast.


I am linking with DVERSE POETS’ Open Link Night.    Feel free to join or  please visit its  pages  for   poems.
For this piece, I tried my hand at Rondeau.   Rondeau and Rondel make me feel like making a crossword puzzle, a  crossphrase puzzle in this case.  I arranged the refrains in their proper places and searched for  the words that fit well with the given phrases.   That play element  made these poetry patterns fun to write  even when they prove to be more tedious and difficult  (at least as far as I am concerned). 🙂
Meanwhile, Island Traveler’s theme for Weekly Image of Life is Happy Holidays.   I will add my post to his party mix.  Join the group with your Christmas and holiday themed photos and posts or give him a visit and enjoy what the others have done in response. 🙂 

9 thoughts on “FOR THE GREAT FEAST

  1. Love the party mix idea. The holidays should be fun with lots or merriment. Christmas is a magical time to once again renew our faith, to witness the birth of our Saviour, to feel the love and generosity among family and friends. Beautiful post. Happy Holidays. God bless.

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