My Baby

His tiny hands are not so tiny anymore
His feet now run away when he’s called
his big smile saying “catch me if you can!”
The infant who could do nothing but cry
has learned to put his brothers to tears.
His babbling voice
still learning to form words
will soon challenge mine.
Years have passed so quickly
where have my babies gone
soon my arms will be empty
missing the weight of a wiggly child.
One day our home too will be silent
the children’s voices echoing as they had
only in the memories of my grey years.


I wrote this poem for DVERSE POETS’ Missing You Prompt.  I threw in the “GREY” prompt from 100 Words for Grown-Ups.


25 thoughts on “EMPTY ARMS

      1. hahaha, it’s hit or miss, Counsel. I think it’s in spite of me rather than because of, in my kids case. but you are doing swimmingly well, I can see!

  1. …how fast these growing changes are… just like a day when you wake up…the sky’s blue-purple sea…you don’t even notice how quickly it must turn grey… beautiful, sad poem.

  2. i don’t have children…but I can imagine how quickly i would miss them after they had grown up- and you capture this so poetically here….

    1. 🙂 In my case, there’s a part of me that does not want this time to pass. Now that I am a mother myself with growing children, I understand more the sentiments of those who came before me.

  3. Among my friends, Moms miss their babies while watching their independent-hungry adolescents. Dads happily leave baby days behind for new buddies to explore the world as mutual adults.

    I don’t miss baby days at all. My wife is still trying to dress her cute little babies though they are 10 and 12 years old — they are rebelling. Rightfully so.

    But when they move out, OUCH that will hurt.

    1. Your comment reminded me of that TV ad a few years back. In it, the elderly parents relived the days when their grown up son was a baby by making that grown son have a bath in the kitchen sink with a rubber ducky and all.

      When I first saw that, I sneered at the parents and vowed not to be like those. Now that my children are growing, I understand the sentiments in the Ad a little more.
      Seeing the children become their own is a bittersweet thing. I cannot stand in the way of their growth and I agree with you, the time when the children leave will be painful indeed.

  4. Beautifully visual: soon my arms will be empty missing the weight of a wiggly child and memories of my grey years. Nostalgic and poignant, touched with sadness. Excellent writing.

    1. Ha! I am not alone. My husband laughs at me whenever I start worrying about our children going off to college and how I get depressed by the thought. 🙂

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