The sentry keeps its vigil
over life from ages past
Can it  remain steadfast
when time wouldn’t stand still?

Against its shell, now fragile
Decay attacked and marched
The sentry keeps its vigil
over life from ages past.

Oblivion is a bitter pill
to memories once held fast
Has Time caught up at last?
Though cast off and forgotten, still
the sentry keeps its vigil.


This is a response to Mag 145‘s above picture prompt .  For thischallenge, I tried to make a Rondel .  I am not sure whether  the poem makes any sense or not, or whether it conforms to the standard for the poetry form.  One thing I am certain, it is difficult to do things differently than I used to.  Because of the rather tight rhyming scheme, it seemed to me that suddenly, there were not enough words to choose from.  Before I embarked on this crazy idea to do a Rondel, I had more or less an idea how I would develop the poem.   The plan disappeared once I realized I had to fit the words in the rhyming pattern.   Yet, even though I bellyache, I am happy to have tried a new  thing because today, I learned something new.  🙂

Thank you for coming by and for your comments.  Have a great day/evening to you all. 🙂  Do visit the  for great responses.  One of them, Other Mary, who wrote a wonderfully haughty and queenly piece, was my inspiration to try Rondel.


16 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN

    1. Hi Diane. I was not familiar with the form too until recently. I first heard about it from a post in 20 Lines or Less. I learned more about poetry forms from subscribing to the poetry blogs than from my years in school. 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words, Diane. 🙂

  1. I wonder if I’ve learned about Rondel before, because I don’t remember one. Thank you for teaching me something new today! Maybe I’ll have to give one a try!

    1. Sandra, write poems again. 🙂 You are one of the persons who inspired me to make a go with poems. I was so impressed that all your responses to Trifecta where in poetic form. So please, fill your blog with more poems.

      1. Really? That’s so nice of you to say! I always felt like I could not live up to other Trifectans’ writing, and my verses were sort of silly. So to hear you say this really leaves me smiling. I’m so glad that I found a writing friend in you! And I do so enjoy your poetry, too!

    2. Nah, don’t compare yourself to other Trifectan’s writing. Many are story tellers, prose writers. I learned that it takes a different temperament and set of talents. 🙂 Your talent stands on its own. SO, continue writing your poems – there are a lot of places that have poem prompts. Check the links on my page and visit them.

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