“That I am not inside the cage, but free, I am thankful.”

“That I have a flock to hang out with, I am thankful.”

“That I can fan  my own feathers and ruffle others’, I am thankful.”

“That it was him who was chosen and not I, I am beyond thankful!”


For less silly  and gorgeous responses to the Weekly Photo Challenge, please click THANK YOU! 🙂  May you have plenty to be thankful about. 🙂


  1. Though this is tongue in cheek and a great use of the subject with photo’s, I do often wonder how we can reconcile raising animals for food so much. The old nugget, we are the top of the food chain is way too simplistic.

    • But you are correct. 🙂 On a less cheeky note, I believe that God who created human beings provided for their survival through the other created things (other than fellow human beings, of course). I understand that others may believe otherwise, but how else should we eat? One can argue that people can sustain themselves with produce from plants. But recently, I read that there is a group advocating that plants have feelings too and therefore, should be spared from becoming table fare. If that’s the case, what then shall we have?

      Oh well… I hope you did not find this reply to be too silly. 😀

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