Oceans rise and fall

upon her phases’ bidding

Oh moon, spellbinding!

Good morning to you all.  Ailsa’s prompt this week is MYSTICAL.  I immediately thought of the moon – it has inspired the horrible and the sublime;  fiction and fantasy; arts, poems and music.  It has inspired cults and worship.

Who would not be enchanted by this beautiful pieces composed by the most talented of musicians:

– or by this

But even the Moon, enchanting as it is, has to give way to this  reality – hidden from the senses and yet utterly true.   In the Tabernacle where the Consecrated Host is kept dwells the Real Presence of Jesus, God Himself.  One knows He is there when the Sanctuary Lamp – normally a red lamp anywhere in the altar, is lit.   For us Catholics, visiting Churches is a wonderful thing.  But that visit becomes even more special, and truly mystical, when we see the light (as in this picture) lit for it means that one is truly before and with Him who made heaven and earth.

Do visit Ailsa’s page by clicking on the link above for great photos and responses. 🙂 And do not be shy to include your own response to the challenge if you have not done so yet. 🙂

Have a great blessed week to all. 🙂



  1. Fabulous photos of the moon, Imelda! And I love the music you posted. Hauntingly beautiful, to say the least. Learning to play the Moonlight Sonata is on my Life List. 🙂

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