While I was looking out of the kitchen window doing the dishes, I saw how the sun lit up the remaining yellow leaves and the ground.  However, since it took me quite a bit of time to prepare my baby for a stay outdoors, the light in the areas where I wanted to take pictures was gone.

It was chillier than (I) expected   and the wind was blowing.   It was not the best time to take photos to start with.  Moreover, on our backyard, there was hardly any interesting thing left.  Oh, there were still a few yellow leaves in the trees – thankfully, in areas that I could reach! 😉 .  There was the grass, unmowed and littered with brown leaves.   The plants have turned brown, their stems reduced to shriveled sticks.  I took pictures anyway – just for the fun of it, just to see what I’d get.   Well, with a little child tugging on my legs and pulling on my subjects (gasp!), picture taking just got a little more exciting.

I bribed him with toys from the tool shed so that I could have some moments to concentrate on what I was doing.  We stayed in the backyard until my fingers got chilly and the camera too cold.

Here are what I got from that day out.  I  turned most of them to sepia – they were mostly brown to begin with anyway.    It mirrors my feelings about autumn – sadness and decay – which is ironic considering that these photos were for a FUN challenge. 🙂 Oh well.

To see fun and happy responses, please visit Cee in .  Have some fun and join in the fun too! 🙂

Happy good night or good day wherever you may be.


    1. Thanks, Madhu. 🙂

      Now, your comment reminded me of the line from one of John Keats’ poems: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all”. I don’t know why, it’s full meaning still escapes me to this day. But I suppose, even decay speaks of some truth – and that truth lends it beauty. Oh well. You can just imagine the grades I got from my English literature teacher. :-))

  1. Beautiful!!!! I LOVE the first one…Small things are so beautiful!!! I think it was a very good idea to turn them sepia…
    And the last one has an incredible light!!! I can imagine your position while taking it! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ilargia. They did not lose much color by turning them sepia.
      A for the last photo, all I can say is – “the ground was damp and cold.” 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful collage of photos. I’m impressed that you were able to get the shots with your little one there. I didn’t take many pictures when the kids were younger…it was always, “look at me, Mom, look at ME!” I can see how fall would make you feel a little sad. Once the leaves are gone, everything looks so bare. However, living in a place that has so many things that stay green all year, I just think it’s beautiful 🙂

  3. yoou can just turn everything beautiful with your hands and with your words! It is because you have inner beauty I believe! Happy sunday:)

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