The challenge this week in Let’s Be Wild is Wildlife.

In the place where I live, which is an urban area, the only wild things I see are the squirrels, mole, and rabbits that hide in the secret recesses of our backyard.  They only appear when I am indoors and could not bother them with my camera.  There was only one place I could think of where I had some chance of taking wildlife photos:  the pond nearby.  I know, I know.  I have shown you a lot of pictures from THAT pond already and they can get tiring.  But I figured that with the hundreds of winged creatures inhabiting the area, I could  have a nice capture of a flying seagull or duck or swan.   The swans were gone – but there were mallards, and crested ducks, and geese.  The gulls were all over the place too.

But taking a picture of them flying was more difficult than I had hoped.  A little change in angle in camera required a change in settings.  Before I could manage to get the right setting, my prey had flown away.  I had a lot of empty sky shots, and washed out shots.  Needless to say, it was frustrating.

So, I decided to get up close and personal with them.  I liked the green mallards.  But they escaped as soon as they heard me take a step closer to where they were.

Left with not much choice, I used the limited zoom that my little camera had.

I was ready to give up and move to some other part of the city when I noticed that the lowering sun cast a golden glow in the pond.  Hmmm, it might not be a futile trip after all.  Maybe, I could manage to snap some photos that I have not had before and fulfill the challenge too.

I took a lot of semi-silhouette shots.  A lot of them.  They are in a gallery at the bottom of this post.

The sun was getting lower, the ducks were by the reflection in the water, the gulls were flying.  I just had to stand still and wait for that time when the gulls got inside the frame.  

I guess, it was a wonderful photo trip after all.  🙂

For bigger sizes, please click on the photos. Thank you.  I hope I did not bore you with another pond set of photos.  Have a great day.

Feel free to join the challenge, or head on to LETSBEWILD by clicking the link below to see more responses.

Let's Be Wild


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