I look forward to Saturdays. My wonderful husband lets me have a couple of hours to myself while he takes care of our children. I used my weekend time to walk to the little creek that we often pass by on our drives around our city. I was intrigued by the little bridge that went over the stream below. I thought it was very pretty especially when it was framed by the foliage of the surrounding trees.  But at this time of year, and because of  the storm of a few days ago, the  leaves are  all but gone.

I was excited to get on the bridge.  But midway through, I felt that familiar spasm that started from my soles and went up to my knees – my fear of heights kicked in.   I remembered those days of my childhood when I had to cross flimsy wood planks to go to the other side of a ravine.    I  was afraid that the bridge would swing and break which was silly of me considering that this bridge was pretty well-constructed.   Yet, I wanted to take pictures, so I had to be a little brave and be in the middle of the bridge for awhile.   

It was a narrow stream.  It was about the width of a road lane.  It separated the road from the little park on the other side of the bridge.  I thought that from there, there would be an access to the other parts of the city.   I was wrong.  The park was surrounded by a fence.

I do not know if it was the light – the  sun was already low at around 4:00 p.m. – but the water was dark.   It did not help that the stream was way below road level and that there were trees on the banks.   As a result, there was hardly any reflection in the water.  That gave me a chance to do something that I have long wanted to try –  long exposure during the day.  The dark water, the  setting sun, and a filter made it possible.

It would have been nice if I was able to go under the bridge  – as some had obviously done – so that I could get a better view.   I did not think that parkgoers were generally allowed to  go beyond the fence though.  Since I did not want to risk a citation from the city, I stayed behind the fences and tried to find a spot where there were not too many trees and branches.

I was having a fun time.  I  tried following the direction of the stream for more photos.   Just when I thought I saw  a nice  open spot, my battery died.  I  pulled out my extra battery from my pocket and replaced the dead one, mentally praising myself for being well prepared.  Alas, the replacement battery was out of charge too.  I took that as my  signal to go home.


I am joining LETSBEWILD’S Weekly Photo Challenge:  Water.   Incidentally, I wish to thank Let’s BE Wild for the honorable mention award for my loving swan photos in this post. 🙂

Join in the fun by submitting your own responses to the theme or just visiting the gorgeous responses in the site.   Thanks you all and have a beautiful Monday.

Let's Be Wild

I’m participating in the LetsBeWild.com Wild Weekly Photo ChallengeThis week’s Challenge is: Water



    1. Thanks, Madhu. 🙂 I thought that there was hardly any reason to keep the color in the original photos – they were messy in a picture kind of way. Oh, I am rambling. 🙂

  1. I can relate to the dead spare battery – I thought things like that only happened to me! These are beautiful shots (as were your swan pics – congrats on the honorable mention.)

    1. Ha! You only got a glimpse of the doozy things that I do, err, happen to me rather. I am the type who normally makes a grocery list then forgets to bring the list. 🙂

  2. Awesome post! For a long time, I have forgotten that some people are still have that fear of crossing a bridge. What true honest post. Brave of you to post this, and to cross it.

    1. Thanks, Rommel for the kudos. Sorry, I’ve been to pre-occupied to make prompt replies.
      Thinking about it, I might have acquired that fear of heights and swinging bridges from my early experiences with those planks. We literally had to balance ourselves as we crossed the bridge so that we would not fall.

  3. Oh, my, these are stunning BW photos! The ones of rushing water are so beautiful. These are all unedited pics straight from your camera? You’ve got some mad skills!

    1. Thanks, Sandra. I used Picasa to play with the original photos. I thought that the originals had nothing outstanding in them for me to keep the colors – so I turned them to B&W to quiet down the clutter and make a more cohesive image. Try Picasa if you had not yet. It is fairly easy and fun to use. 🙂

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