For Jake’s Sunday Post theme, I am posting something that I posted in my old blog.  It was my little attempt to capture the beauty and magic  of a baby.   Jake’s theme this week is “WONDERFUL”.   I was thinking about those things that I consider wonderful:  flowers, ponds, vacations, scenery, a delicious birthday cake.  All of these are wonderful – but none of them can compare to the wonder and magic that little children bring.

Well, I have also been meaning to join Island Travelers’ prompts.  I have missed partying up with the group.  This week, his theme is Stories and Photographs.  These photos speak of the blessings God had bestowed in our family.  I married late in life and my husband and I thought that having children would be a challenge for us.  Yet, somehow, by the grace of God, our homes and hearts are full of the happy, demanding, sweet, quarrelsome voices of children.  Life is good.

So, here’s to Wonderful and to Life!



His smile is the flower’s silent blossoming

His coos are the melodies of angels singing

His cry is the voice of God calling


His eyes are the lights of dawn breaking

His face mirrors heaven.  


I wish you all a wonderful and magical weekend. 🙂  Please click the images for more responses.

41 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: WONDERFUL

    1. Thanks, Madhu. I am sorry for being late with replies. I have been too preoccupied the last few weeks. 🙂

      I am bracing for the time when there is no more baby in my arms. That will certainly be an odd feeling after having babies for so long. . :

  1. Beautiful photos! I remember my children as babies like it was just last week…but my youngest baby is almost seven! (And the realization hits again that yes, I’m getting older, too. :()

    1. Yay, Janna. I feel that way whenever I look at my eldest. He was just a little baby 7 years ago… Now my youngest child is not such a baby anymore. Yeah… I do feel age piling up. 🙂

  2. Their bright, twinkling eyes and their happy , generous smiles lights up so beautifully. These photos do tell a story of happiness of a family blessed with God’s generosity. Thanks

  3. “Somehow, by the grace of God, our homes and hearts are full of the happy, demanding, sweet, quarrelsome voices of children. Life is good.” Love this and I wish everyone a similar blessing everday.

    1. Thank you, Jo. 🙂 I appreciate your coming over and comment and I am very sorry for the late acknowledgement. I’ve been too pre-occupied lately. 🙂

  4. hi imelda, your captions brought more heart to the beautiful photos of your son. the whole set is beyond wonderful and the stories told are gems to uphold. thank you for sharing them with us! — April

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