Weep no more, little child
the evil time has passed
that syringe on your head
had done its work at last.

I’m sad birth didn’t turn out
the way it’s supposed to be
your mother had other plans
she gave you up to be free.

You can now stop your struggles
yield to me your broken bones
I will bring you to a place
where you will have repose.

Before the Lord your maker
empty out all of your grief
for the hopes you’ve been denied
He will grant you blessed relief.

Have no fear of His judgment
for your soul has remained pure
I, your holy guardian angel
will remain by your side for sure.

We will beseech God for mercy
may hands of stone become flesh
that innocent blood like yours
be shed no more on earth.


Last night, as I was browsing the web and reading not-so-random things, I came across a video which talked about partial birth abortion among others.  I should not have continued watching it after I knew  of the subject matter.  But I did and expectedly, got bothered and terribly shaken  and sad for the baby.  Oh, it did not show an  actual procedure – Heaven forbid that from happening – but a series of illustrations.   I needed to verify what I saw and heard.   I looked it up and the link I have was the first information I got.  I slept  with a heavy heart and restless mind.

14 thoughts on “THE LONGEST CRY

  1. Something we all can relate too. I am both sadden by it but at the same time relieve that someone of greater power will save us from all the pain and breaks of our life. “You can now stop your struggles
    yield to me your broken bones
    I will bring you to a place
    where you will have repose.” Thanks.

  2. It’s a very sad thing…for everyone involved. I think the one reason for hope is that little soul can take it’s place in Heaven. No more suffering for her or him.

    1. Yes, it is sad indeed. When I feel bad about these things, that’s the thought that I console my self with.
      Thank you for coming by and the comment Mary. 🙂

  3. Very sad poem. I’m glad they didn’t show the procedure, there would be no way to get that out of your mind. I hope time is allowing you to sleep with a little more peace.

    1. Thanks, Janna. I think I would not watch the video if it was a ‘live’ procedure. Oh my, it was like witnessing murder. Now I am OK, but still gets the shivers when I think of the babies.

  4. Disturbing, appalling, despicable …. this inhumane practice. Your words are all lovely and inspirational. Kudos for making a poem with real substance.

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