To respond to Jake’s challenge this week, CITY, I decided to go on a walking tour of my little New England City fondly nicknamed The Silver City. A hundred or so years ago, Taunton, as it is called, was the home of factories that produced fine silver goods. These factories included Reed & Barton, Poole Silver, among others. Today, however, most of the plants have been shut down except perhaps for Reed & Barton. I know that the latter still operates in the city because just a few years ago, we went to its factory outlet to buy a set of silver. I was thinking that I could walk around and take pictures of the abandoned factories for this prompt.  My plans changed, however, when my second son decided to accompany me on my walk.  He did not want history.  He wanted to play.  He wanted to go to the playground.

The change in plans may have been providential.  Not only did I had a great time with my son, but I  got the chance to show that part of the city which makes it a nice place to live in.

On our way to the park, we had to pass by this big empty space.  It is a baseball stadium that, I understand, the city maintains.  During spring and summer, this place is packed with young players and parents watching their children’s games.

Not too far away, is the playground which  provides a basketball court,  a volleyball court,  children’s play areas, and an ample space for biking,  running, and other activities.  That day, the mothers and little children were not around.  However, there was a group of young men playing basketball and teenagers biking towards the nearby woods.

After my son had his play time, we went to my destination – the pond – which was just several yards away from the playground.   I have always wanted to see one during  autumn.  I often see pond scenes during our travels but never got to stop to take pictures.    This was the scene that greeted us –

I nearly jumped for joy when I looked at the water and saw these lovely creatures.  I never expected them to be here –

There are only two swans, but there were hundreds of other winged creatures including this duck and hundreds of geese.   Each day, I would hear geese honking up above our heads while we were out in the backyard.  Each day, I wished I could take pictures of the birds in flight.  Little did I know that they all came from this place. 

  Unfortunately,  the pond is a small one and  does not seem to have a name.  It  is flanked by  a little hilly forest on one side, and the road and residential/commercial  areas  on the other.

During our stay, we noticed that a group of ducks, about twenty of them,  would detach itself from the rest of the pack, head to the middle of the pond, and then  fly away.    After observing a couple of groups do that and knowing what to expect, I still failed to get a good shot of them flying.  Before I could  adjust my setting, they  have all flown away.

After observing a couple of groups do that and knowing what to expect, I still failed to get a good shot of them flying.  Before I could  adjust my setting, they  have all flown away.

For one reason or the other, they always headed towards this gap in the trees.

Some flew back and circled the pond before heading in the direction that the others disappeared in. 

The sun had gone beneath the trees.   The place got a little darker.  All the geese have left but for this two  –

The swans were nowhere in sight.  One excited mother and one wet son  started for home – I was happy to have witnessed a special moment, my son was happy to be able to play in the algea infested water.   We  gave the place a one last good bye –

and found the swans tucked in the far end of the pond.

I was thankful that in our city, there is a happy place for the people  and other creatures.  I like my city.

For more photos from this adventure, please visit my entry to Ailsa’s Travel Theme .  For more of the green spaces in Taunton, please visit  The Tale of the Red Fishpole. 🙂 And of course, please donot forget to visit Jakesprinter for more takes on the CITY Theme.  Thank you.  Have a great week to you all.

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  1. What gorgeous photos of that pond with the autumn colors. I hope you gave your son a thank you hug 🙂 What a wonderful afternoon you both had. And what a wonderful place to live.

    1. Thanks, Angeline. I did thank him for the time. It was rare that the two of us go out by our lonesome considering that we have a posey of children here who all need attention. 🙂

  2. Fabulous photos. I love to watch swans. They are such graceful birds. I also find it very difficult to capture pics of birds in flight. Before you’re ready, they’re gone. 🙂

  3. Beautiful Swan lake in the city my friend great choices of images for this week theme thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

    1. Oo, mainit pa, umaabot pa kami sa 60deg. F. Mas Northern ka nga pala kaysa amin, mas mahaba ang cold season ninyo. ‘Di ba, meron kayong tinatawag na Midnight Sun?
      Sorry, hindi pa uli ako nakapasyal sa blog mo…naku, sa weekend, babawi ako. 🙂

  4. The swans, the calm lake, the magical colors of Autumn leaves, the little boy standing on a rock looking down on his reflection on the water, just beautiful and breathtaking. A picture memory that will last forever. Have a great weekend. Best wishes to your family.

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