Here are the requirements for accepting these awards:
1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to that blog
2) Attach the award icon to your site
3) Answer some questions.

Thank you Retiring Sort for this recognition.

Over the course of the life of this blog, I have received some recognition  from blogging friends.  Unfortunately, while I thanked them for their kindness, I was not able to formally acknowledge their appreciation with a blogpost.   I have regretted not finishing and publishing the draft of a post I made to show my appreciation of my bloggy friends’ thoughtfulness.  Therefore, I am doubly appreciative of Retiring Sort’s nomination because (1) it encourages me to write more and do better here; and (2) it gives me the chance to make up for my previous neglect.

Here are my answers to the questions posed by The Reader Appreciation Award:

Your favourite colour?  

I think my favorite color is green.   If I sound a little too unsure, it is because there are other colors that  I am partial too – like blue.  But if we are talking about roses, it is yellow.
Your favourite animal?

Dogs.  They are good companions.
Your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Coffee, handsdown. 🙂
Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook.  Although it is a double-edged sword.  It keeps me updated about my family and friends, and about events; but it also more invasive of one’s privacy.
Your favourite pattern?

Paisley, maybe.
Do you prefer getting or giving presents?

I like giving presents.  I like choosing what to give.
Your favourite number?

I never thought of it.    For fun, maybe 10.  Bo Derek is 10.  Perfect gymnastics score is 10.   So, I go with 10. 😉

Your favourite day of the week?

Saturday.  A respite at last from a hectic week; a time to have fun activities with family.
Your favourite flower?

Roses, the fragrant ones, the old English type ones.  They look so romantic.  Peonies and gardenias too.  I am partial to the nicely scented ones.
What is your passion?

My family and my faith.   My faith defines my life, my family is my life.

On more mundane matters,  photography.  I am glad to have made improvements from when I started.  Thank you digital cameras.  I can take pictures without worrying about wasted films.

Creating, too – crafting, crocheting, drawing, writing.  I do not excel in any but I enjoy seeing something that I made.

I wish to nominate the following friends for this award:

1.       Letters of Muse  –  Sandra posts well written reflections, in the guise of letters,  about anything and everything including motherhood, children, habits, activities.  She also takes lovely pictures.  Head over to her page and be enchanted by her musings.

2.       Jannatwrites     –  Janna is one of the best writers I have met in the Trifecta Writing Challenge group.   When you visit her page, expect to be enthralled by her fiction – oh! please look for Ellie’s story – poems,  photos,  and reflections on life, family, and faith, among others

3.        Meanwhile..Melody Muses                             – Melody is one of the most prolific poets I have known.  Taking her cue from nature which she lovingly photographs, she has written hundreds of poems.

4.        Public Catholic   –         Rebecca  publishes thought provoking, discussion-inducing articles about  religion, politics, and both, and more.  Head over to her page and join the  forum.

5.        Momto8Blog                             –  Annmarie has a no nonsense blog about having a big family, raising 8 children, and  general observations.  She is witty, funny, encouraging,  and straighforward.  If I had a mommy blog, hers is how I want to be like, except that I do not have 8 children. 🙂

6.        Sophomore Slump2                 –  Rommel writes about food, places, music, among others.  He complements his words with excellent photography.  Or is it the other way around?  And while there, do not miss his humor too.

7.       The Urge to Wander              –  Madhu takes wonderful photos of the places she visits and takes the time to  write an appropriate essay to compliment her lovely pictures.  Through her writings and pictures, she brings the reader to the world she has been in.

8.       Linda Vernon                          –   Linda’s writings never fail to elicit laughter.  Whether she writes flash fiction for Trifecta or talks about the visit of the Science Lady or gives Gregory’s version of the Tower of Babel, she makes you come back for more.

9.        Braintomahawk                     –  This blog is set apart from the rest by BT’s dry wit that makes his Zombiebunnies seem like the most lovable creatures that ever hopped on earth.  While you are there, please be aware of the Porcupines making their not so stealthy appearance.

10.  YLBNoel  –  Noel, my schoolmate, writes with nostalgia and humor about Filipino life, and  dissects, in his friendly disarming way, the Filipino’s unique culture and predilections.

11.  Ingset’s Blog  – Inge will charm you with her pictures and delightful recipes.  She also provides tutorials.  She is one lady who is more than happy to help you with photography issues.

12.  The  Redneck Rosarian – Mr. Van Cleave writes about gardening, and yes! Roses.  Being the President of the Birmingham  Rose Society, he does know what he is writing about.  🙂 Admire his garden and more than a 100 collection of rose plants, and learn from his tips.

13.  Canadian Hiking Photography – Patrick Latter has tons and tons of followers in his blog.  Just in case you are not one of them yet,  do check out his page and be amazed by the kind of photography he does.  He gives wonderful tutorials too.

Once again, thank you Retiring Sort for the appreciation.  I also owe some friends a lot of gratitude for the previous nominations that I, unfortunately, did not get to write about:  Canoe and Communications (he has a lovely photography and travel, among others,  blog);  Inge; Melody Lowes, Karen of A Life Less Scripted, and  Colleen Gunderson of Artistisk  (see her gorgeous photos and portfolio).

Head on over their pages and get to know some of the best blogs and bloggers I have encountered. 🙂 Happy weekend and days ahead to you all.

20 thoughts on “A LOT OF THANKS

  1. I agree about FB, it really has no use to me, but for what other people are saying. I will admit that a few years ago, I played those Zynga games 😉

    Thanks for the kudos, I am big fans of the others as well. And of course, yours 🙂

    1. Here is my secret – I use FB to ‘spy’ on my relatives and neighbors; to catch the latest gossip. 😉 I played Farmville and FarmTown until I did not know what to do with the wealth that I was accumulating. 🙂

  2. WOW! These are PRO-bloggers. I’m very flattered for my inclusions. Thank you. Thank you.
    And nice to meet. I always love reading and getting to know bloggers who receive this award. Congrats, more power and have fun blogging!

  3. Congratulations Imelda! And thank-you for the mention; that was so nice and I truly appreciate it 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the award, Imelda! I like both your writing and your photography. I hope you continue with both forms of creativity as they compliment one another so well.

    I am honored that you included me in your list of bloggers to pass it on to. It is encouraging to know that others enjoy and remember things I write. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your kind words here 🙂

  5. Imelda, yay for receiving the award! I have enjoyed visiting your blog ever since that fated entry of yours about playing the violin many moons ago. I’ve really enjoyed your writing and photography since! Thank you so much for including me on your list! I am honored, flattered, and still blushing. What a nice little blurb on Letters of Muse–so very kind of you.

  6. Congratulations. You have a beautiful blog that inspires people. These is one wonderful answer, “What is your passion?

    My family and my faith. My faith defines my life, my family is my life.” Priceless!

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