(To see bigger photos, kindly click the pictures.  It will bring you to a sort of slideshow that  I  never knew existed until  3 posts ago.  I wonder if I changed my settings inadvertently.  Or, you may wish to read until the end of the post where a slideshow was inserted.  Thank you. :-))

One never knows about the weather, autumn weather, that is.  One morning, one wakes up with frost on the ground.

But the sky clears, the sun shines bright leaving a great blue backdrop for the leaves that are starting to show.

Skies like these are perfect for contrails.

Then, it is another morning.  The world looks the same and yet different from the previous day’s.  Where have all the sunshine gone?

I guess, the wind drove the sun away.

Good thing it is autumn.  The leaves brighten even the dreariest spots.

But  clouds get tired hanging up there all day.   So they fall all  night.

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I am joining LETSBEWILD’s photo challenge this week – WEATHER.  Before I forget, I wish to thank LETSBEWILD for choosing my picture as the winner for last week’s challenge, Fall.   I invite you to visit LETSBEWILD and to join its photo challenges.  You can also enjoy lovely adventure photos and photo essays in the site.

I am also joining Nurture Photography.  This week’s theme is Orange/Warmth.

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I’m participating in the LetsBeWild.comWild Weekly Photo Challenge! This week’s Challenge is: Weather
Thank you all for coming by.  Please visit the above sites for great entries.  🙂    Have a great weekend.


    1. Unfortunately not. I invaded our neighbor’s space – there is no fence between our lots. And by the way, the fireplace and hammocks have not been in use for the longest time. Too bad.

  1. WEEE! Indeed! While it is still hot here in California, the sky, the foliage, the over-all feel of the surrounding, really are indications that times are a-changing. I do wish it becomes fully official. (not yet for us Californians, but it’s coming near)

    Wonderful, truly wonderful images esp. the lovely, bulky, cotton-candy clouds.

  2. Hi Imelda. Thanks for the tips and I joined my published post today to Wild Photo Challenge.
    And congratulation foy your winner entry.
    This is fun!

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