One fine autumn Saturday, we went to an apple farm. We have been battling a bad case of cabin fever and my husband thought that a change of scenery would be a good way to air out our foggy brains. That was exciting. For the many years or so that I’ve been in this country, and due to one reason or another, like budget or time or babies, I have not been to any orchard, a big orchard that is. Our children have never been to one either. It was also a good chance to see a brighter autumn show. The trees in our area don’t get as bright and brilliant as in the other parts of  the State because of the relatively milder weather where we live.

So that Saturday, we traversed I-495 until we turned to a little country road somewhere in Northborough, MA. There, we found the road full of people having the same idea as us.

Our destination, Tougas Family Farm, was packed when we  arrived. It was a holiday weekend after all.

The truck drivers sure had a busy day ferrying people to and from the orchard that day. My little 3 year old said that he did not want to ride the trucks – but there was no way we could get to the orchard without them. The trees were a long ways away fron the gates. He did enjoy the ride anyway.

We had a big bag to fill – the equivalent of half a bushel. The children were excited to pick apples from the 20 or so apple varieties in the farm. But first, we had to listen to some rules for apple-picking.

We had to be careful in handling the apples to avoid bruising and wasting them. We were told that just the week before, the farm people had to collect 60 tons or 120,000 pounds of apples from the ground. That was a lot of wasted apples indeed!

We picked apples through lunch. So we  had them  for lunch. Ohhh, I never tasted any apple more delicious than what we had. Those freshly picked Cortlands  were the juiciest, tastiest and crispiest I’ve ever had.  They were the biggest ones I’ve seen too – some got to be as big as a newborn’s head.

After a little break, we were off to the other part of the orchard to pick more apples. When we got done, we had a few Cortlands, Galas, Jonagolds, Empires, and Green Delicious Apples in our bag. It would have been nice to wander off and pick some more, but our bag was  full. We had a great time. The scent of apples was invigorating. Being with the big crowd (at least this time)  was refreshing. To experience autumn beyond leaf watching was exciting. But we were not ready to go home yet. The farm was big and other amusements awaited us.


For more  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Big entries, please click the link.  Thank you very much and have a wonderfully blessed day. 🙂



  1. We did the same thing! We went to an orchard in Stow, MA. I’ve never been to the Northborough area, looks like we should check it out.

    • Yes, go to Tougas Farm. There are areas where the children can pet and feed goats, and there is a nice playground too. Then you can get pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Your boy will enjoy it there.

  2. Awesome that you finally experienced an apple orchard. Your boys all seemed to have enjoyed the outing! Now is there any apple pie or apple sauce in your future? 🙂

    • Yeah, it was a great time for us… I never knew apple-picking could be so much fun.

      I thought we had a lot of apples and I did plan to make an apple pie – we mostly got baking apples after all – but after 3 days, only two apples were left in the bag. I suppose apples are best as-is. 🙂

    • Thank you, Michelle. I wonder, what have we been doing all along? we missed out on a fun activity for years, not mention great apples. 🙂 We’ll certainly put apple-picking on our agenda next year.

    • Oh Janna, if you have picked peaches from a tree, you will never ever like the peaches that are available here – though I heard that there are peach orchards here. I understand that apple is a 4 season tree – it likes to sleep and slowly wake in spring – so there may be no apple orchard near you. But I am no apple expert so don’t take my word for it. 😀

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