The last few days have been rainy days for us.  But each morning, when I looked out of the window, I see the sun slanting in the east lighting the dew drops that are on the ground.  The grass blades and the fallen leaves glitter under the light.   Though I am not an early morning  person, I got  out to take a not so few pictures with NURTURE PHOTOGRAPHY’s and LETSBEWILD’s themes in mind, i.e., yellow/light and Fall, respectively.   I am fascinated by dew and raindrops, and the leaves on the ground added a new dimension to them – that singularly  autumn atmosphere.    My husband says that I have this fascination for fallen leaves – which may be true – because I associate autumn with death and decay.  Whether that is true or not, the colored leaves on the ground make for a beautiful sight and they become even more so with the little shining crystals and when viewed in the light.

All of the other photos were taken in the early morning. This was taken in the afternoon towards sunset.

I am joining Kristi and Rebecca, hosts of Nurture Photography,  and LETSBEWILD  with this post.  Feel free to join with your photos and to visit the gorgeous entries. :0  Thank you and have a great weekend.
Nurture Photography - Autumn 2012 Photo Challenge

I’m participating in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge! This weeks Challenge is: Fall




My photo of the red and yellow leaves won first place in LETSBEWILD’s challenge.  Thank you!


32 thoughts on “YELLOW AND LIGHT

  1. I just loved what you did with this post. Excellent pictures. I too love watching dew drops of leaves. And you captured it so beautifully here. Great post, Imelda. Awesome work.

    1. Yeah, it is nice to walk in the dew and see the little circles of light around them. I just did that this morning after a frost. It was pretty. Thanks for the visit, lagottocattleyal. 🙂

  2. I have one of your pictures to my recent post. I hope you don’t mind. I’ve been seeing your dew pictures on FB. 😀 Your picture was a very nice addition amongst the bunch.

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