This post is a response to MAGPIE TALES‘s   picture prompt this week:

Oh, poor lady….


Ohhh! How my head hurts

my muscles are sore

how my belly aches

how badly sick am I, Doctor?

No.  Don’t tell me

I think I am dying

See how weak I am?

I swear I am not lying.

Hm.  If only my husband does as I want

keep the children off my hair

Tell him that, dear Doctor

my health may just as soon be fair.

What ‘I’m sorry dear Madam’?

Why do you look so glum?

My illness is beyond your cure?

even with the  extra bills – are you sure?


I am also linking with dVerse~Poet’s Pub Open Link Night.   Thank you for dropping by and reading.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  It felt like writing me, after all. 😉  Please visit Magpie Tales for gorgeous responses and dVerse Poet’s Pub for wonderful works.



    • Yay Dana! 🙂 I found dVerse because of you although I can only join on Open Nights. The themes for the other nights are oftentimes beyond my skills. Thank you for coming by. I am glad you liked this piece.

    • How wise of you to know!This is one of the wife secrets that a husband should know. Unfortunately, this cure does not last too long and even has an addictive quality to it. 😉 Thanks for coming by.

    • Oh, trust me, there is a permanent cure – permanent pampering, except that the latter should always take on new forms to be appreciated. 😉 Thank you for coming by, Shawn.

    • Thank you, Carrie. 🙂 I think you are right – sometimes people tend to run themselves ragged until they can no longer function properly and only an illness – hopefully not so serious – is the only way to slow them down.

    • Thank you Victoria for coming by. 🙂 I think it is a woman thing – she conks out first before she is able to say what she needs – at least that is how it is for me.

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