T’was The Game of the season. So I came prepared – in a short skirt, snug blouse, red lipstick – to catch Star’s attention. I jumped the highest, screamed the loudest to cheer him and his team.

It was the last inning. The Game was tied. When Star stepped onto the mound, I shrieked for about 5 minutes. But Star glanced my way. I screamed when the batter missed the ball. Twice. Then he hit it. The ball headed my way. Suddenly it was in my hand. I waved it proudly. I threw a kiss at Star. Oh! He scowled. The other team cheered – homerun!


This short piece was written as a response to

100 Word Challenge – Week#60 ‘ s   prompt:  

“I’ve decided I’m being far to kind to you so this week I want you to be funny! I want you to write in the genre of comedy. The prompt is:

… suddenly it was in my hand ….

As usual you have 100 words to add to those making 106 all together. The prompt must be in the piece and it should be suitable for a PG certificate.”

This piece was inspired by this little tidbit about a Red Sox fan inadvertently helping out the Yankees to win.  Except that I got the story wrong.  I thought that  catching a ball from the stands meant a strike.  Thanks to my husband for correcting me – instead of Star being a batter, as he was originally in the first draft, he became a pitcher.   So,  I guess, even if the piece did not make you laugh, the behind the scenes – my own blunder and all – would. 😀  And because I learned a new thing, I think it was good I wrote for the prompt.

Thank you for coming by and reading.  Have a great day.

19 thoughts on “CATCH!

  1. This is great! Even the best of us might gaffe, when caught up in the excitement of the game, especially when it is a big rivalry and exciting game. You captured that awkward moment perfectly!

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