Foliage. I love them, especially in the early morning when they are moist with dew and the the latter catches the light of the rising sun. The photos of the rose leaves in this post were taken during that beautiful moment when the sun was barely up in the sky. The hostas, on the other hand, were photographed during a grey day, after a downpour. It was not the dew that made them attractive to me – but the figures and lines that the leaves made.

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The post inspired me to look for appropriate music. I did not find anything ‘leafy’ but I think this will lift your romantic hearts. This is Where’er You Walk from Semele by Handel. I think that the Zeus character sings this piece to his lady. At one time, I even thought of having it as the Processional for my wedding.

I am joining Ailsa and friends for this week’s Travel Theme.  Visit her for great foliage photos. 🙂

Happy weekend.

19 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: FOLIAGE

    1. Thank you, Adinparadise. 🙂 What a lovely time you just described. It somehow reminded me of the 1995 movie,Sense and Sensibility. If I recall right, there is a scene there of the sisters playing music together.

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