For all of the care that I have been putting in the garden – NONE – I am quite pleased that the roses still give blooms.  I say, they bloom more now that I left them alone – than when I fussed constantly about them.  The garden, or what is supposed to be one, is a sorry sight these days.  I have not weeded in a long time.  I blame the schoolwork that we have to do during the day for my ‘laziness’.  When the school year began, I prioritized my activities.  Gardening and yard maintenance did not make the cut.  I have easier days but I have to grit my teeth when I see the weeds choking my plants.   I guess it’s a good thing that the tomatoes did not produce as well as I hoped.  I saved some canning time.

Ooopss.  I am meandering.  😉 I just wanted to  share photos of the roses that bravely thrived in abandonment. 🙂  I hope they bring you joy as they do to me.

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23 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER’S ROSES

  1. I worried when we were given an Anniversary Rose, but forgot to read up on them – then it was left alone and it comes back time after time not as glorious as your pics but one or two good heads.

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