The nice folks at StudioPlus 30, inspired by the new season, gave FALLING as one of the writing prompts for this week.  Meanwhile, Trifecta has BLIND as the  word prompt this week.  The combination of the two prompts inspired me to write something that has not Autumn-y at all.   If you are inspired to write anything about the prompts, feel free to link-up and have fun.  🙂  Do visit their respective pages for lovely posts.   Thank you for  being here as always.  🙂


Andrew stopped midway as he was opening the driver’s door of the car and stared at me. I blushed, of course! “He just had to stop and admire me. Will he say that I am especially beautiful today?” My heart was jumping out of my chest.
“Ahem. Ahh, Marla,…” He began.
I looked at him with coquettish eyes.
“… your hair kinda looks funny.”
“Ah. Oh! Must be the way I brushed it earlier.” I stammered and changed the subject before he could say another word about my hair.

“So, how did your date go?” My friend Lora asked me when we met over coffee.
“Pffttt! He saw through my hair…”
Lora raised her brows…
“..well, sun passed through it, let me just say. I kept my hair down. I used to look good that way. I forgot how thin it’s become” My hand gathered my hair of its own volition.
“You’re just too paranoid. You’re pretty.”
“Maybe, as long as no one notices the hair. Hah!” I said trying to keep my tone light.
“Oh well.” Lora said. “There are more prospects.”
“A blind one would be great.”

That night, in my room, my eyes fell on the bottle of Rogain and hair regrowth and half used aloe-vera leaves on my dressing table.

“Useless!” I yelled and with one swoop, they all tumbled on the floor. The breaking glass soothed the blind fury  welling inside me.

I looked at the crucifix on the wall. “Why?” I asked, tears rimming my lids. “ You DO know each hair on my head – you gave me only so very few.  And most of them end up on the bathroom drain.” For how long I stood before the Crucifix, sniffing, complaining, lips quivering, I did’nt know.
Worn out at last by my outburst, I went to bed hoping there’s somebody who was blind to my shiny pate, err, defects, even if only in my dreams.



10 thoughts on “FALLING

  1. I think balding is harder for women than for men because it’s not as socially accepted. I felt bad for this character. I hope she finds peace in her dreams…and a really chic hat to wear on her next date 🙂

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