“Rose for you, Mommy.”
Edith’s dismay at another wasted tissue turned to smile when she saw Margarette’s rolled up paper. Inside, “I love you” was scrawled by six year old hands.


This post is a response to Trifecta’s weekend challenge :

“You already know where we’re going with this.  We want you to give it back to us in your own words, using your own subject matter.  Describe something that is three different things at the same time.  Oh, and do it in 33 words.  Structure your response however you want; it doesn’t have to mirror Mr. Gaiman’s form.  Feel free to leave us guessing.  Just make it your own, and make it good.”
Head on over to Trifecta’s page for great links and responses. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

15 thoughts on “A LITTLE GIRL’S LOVE

  1. I read the full trifecta challenge from your link… and it sounds like it could be some challenging fun. But it also takes some solid expressive skills in writing… which includes both generous and critical thinking. I like what you have done here.

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