In the corner of a busy intersection, he comes everyday to ply his wares.

One section of the road leads to the public market where ordinary folks do their shopping and marketing and socializing.    The other leads to the center of the town where the public square, the Church, and a private school are.  Across from the street is a big elementary school.

His stall is right in front of a popular fast food joint.

He is right where his customers are.

All day, under the elements, he stands waiting for a little child to coerce his parents to buy him a little treat.

On this day, he got lucky.  A generous grandmother, my children’s,  bought 6 balloons from him as a treat to her rarely seen grandchildren.  He got 120 Pesos for 6 balloons.  After that, it was a father’s turn to get his son a treat.

Day in and day out, he comes to trade his balloons  for the necessities of  life.


This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday.  Head on over to the page for more posts. 🙂


  1. Great share and subject for this challenge! Got my attention right away, and if I may ask, where this photographs are taken ? I took a photograph with a similar subject quite some time ago, while I was traveling across Europe, more exact in Valencia, Spain, spring of 2011 🙂 will leave the link to the photograph here, and I hope I don’t bother, just an interesting coincidence brought me smiles :–)


    1. Hi Gabriel. Thank you for dropping by. I took these pictures in Bauan, Batangas, Philippines in July. I looked at your link, of course, I do not mind you posting it and I am happy that you did – it made me smile to see your photo. See how universal Dora and Spongebob have become. 🙂

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