There’s a nip in the air

the sun is a little mild

leaves are turning yellow

I think fall has arrived.


The exodus of summer clothes

to the attic will  begin

that with open drawers

we’ll welcome  fall clothes’ reign.


Then starts the confusion

of putting clothes in their places-

they’ve been wizened by years

they’ve been used for ages.


The six year old wears seven

the one year old wears two

The three year old wears four

The oldest wears something new.


So this is our ritual

when new season comes in

we switch and hand down clothes

’til the clothes fall to ruin.

11 thoughts on “A SEASONAL RITUAL

  1. Sounds familiar! We have hand-me-downs from cousins that sometimes fit my older son, sometimes not. We hold onto them for our younger son just in case. The in between season is hard (pants or shorts? jacket or not? Decisions, decisions, decisions :))

    1. We also accept hand-me-downs from everybody (and I am very thankful to those who offer us their clothes) who wish to ‘donate’ their clothes to us. In such case, even my older gets old clothes. Good for him. 🙂 Summer time, my kids are in shorts, very ragged shorts, even, unless they go to Mass.

  2. Beautiful poem Imelda. I always feel sorry for the youngest 🙂 But my daughter says by the same system, he gets his electronic gadgets much earlier than the older one would have been allowed!

    1. Thank you, Madhu. 🙂
      Now that you said it, my younger sons do enjoy privileges that the oldest only had when he was a little older. For example, he got his allowance when he was around 5. The one after him got the same amount of allowance when the older one got his. mmmm.. there should be a way to even things out a bit. Like you, I do feel sorry for the younger ones because sometimes only the oldest boy gets stuff when we shop.

  3. Lovely poem, Imelda. I remember the hand me downs. I was the eldest, but we had older friends who had outgrown their clothes. My two, were a girl and a boy, so they always got new. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Adinparadise. I think hand-me-downs is a nice way to get good clothes too, depending on who hands them down.
      Now, I know that you are one of those persons who could give nice hand me downs – your kids have barely used their clothes considering how fast kids outgrow their clothes. I would be embarrassed to give away the childrens’ clothes hereabouts after the children are done with them. Ayay!

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