Fall is coming

leaves are turning

birds are chirping

fire is burning

cold is grasping

summer’s riding away.

~ Joseph ~

I wanted a pop of color and since asters are supposed to be fall flowers, their photos got in here. 😉

The above poem was composed this afternoon by my son during a break from his schoolwork.   The poem started as his suggested verses to me.  While watching him do his work, I struggled to write.  After learning about my topic, he offered me some verses for my consideration.    I looked at him hard.  My reluctant writer boy is making a poem without him knowing it.   I encouraged him to continue telling him at the same time that his words will be credited as his own work, not mine.   I was surprised that he did not resist the task  when normally,  composition  lessons often ended up as a battle royale between us.   When he was done, we arranged the verses a bit.  He was pleased with the result, and is I may say so, proud of his work.   He let me  post his poem here with a little reminder to me about his copyright. 😉  I guess, he is learning about that too.

I think he is a pretty good writer, as long as he does not think about how physically tiring writing is, among others.  Here is another of his poem that he wrote last schoolyear in his poetry class:

Wacky Walter

Wacky Walter spilled a mud bucket

mud flowed all the way to the arctic

he rolled in the mud to chase it

and now he looks like

a pile of dirt.

He’s blabbering – loud and noisy

and smelled like a sock-

oh so stinky

Thenceforth, he tasted sour and salty

and if you touch him

you’ll be all sticky.



Thank you for coming over.  Have a great day.






  1. He expresses his thoughts very freely… and very well. But to me the most important thing is that he actually did it… he actually wrote it. And if he can come to realize at his young age that expressing his thoughts through the written word has value… not only to him but to those to read it… his life will be a more richer experience. I wish him well.

  2. I love the poem, especially the ending with summer riding away. Both of his poems are more pleasing than my older son’s goofy poetry he wrote last year for class. (“I bought a saw / In Arkansas.” – Yep, that’s all he wrote :))

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