I am queen of a small realm where words are limited.

“Don’t do that!”

“Eat your vegetables.”

“Please don’t quarrel with your brothers!”

“Goo goo, cutie patootie.”

Those words are the backbone of my daily repertoire. The motiff hardly varies unless one counts the screams and the sighs. Little children, though capable of understanding a great deal, understand simpler words and expressions better.

Yet, though this is my normal on a daily basis and people might even think me so well suited to it, there is an entirely different story in my head. There, words bish and bash each other during the day. The pandemonium threaten to gush even as it awaits the arrival of that other adult who is most likely to comprehend and match them.

“Darlin’, I want to chitchat,” I make a coy request.

“Sure. About what?” the darling gamely replies.

Alas! He does not know, much less understand, my need to just talk – small talk, big talk, girl talk. Whenever I say something that borders on complaining, he will most likely offer a solution. But solutions kill the spirit of a freewheeling recreational talk, a.k.a. chitchat in Imeldism. When he is not offering a solution, after a long day of talking and teaching, he is simply too tired to listen to a chatterbox. He sits quiet or, heaven forbid!, nods off. That is not fun either.

I might as well talk to a wall. Yet, the wall is not an option. First, it can’t respond. Second, I don’t want to jump the normal, at least consciously, yet. But there is the computer right on my desk, severely underused for Facebook trolling, gaming, and surfing. While I enjoy all of those things, I realize that I want something more. I want to learn how to use words and to create something with them: poems, stories, and the like. I see the chance to learn and get better. So, I blog.


This is a post written following the prompt for (1)  Trifecta: Week Thirty-Six‘s word – NORMAL, i.e., a form or state regarded as the norm; a standard; and, for Studio30plus prompts, viz.: (a) PANDEMONIUM, and (b) Why I Blog.   Visit their pages for wonderful responses.

Have a great day. 🙂



19 thoughts on “MY REASON FOR BE… OH! BLOGGING

  1. Oh, I love that you put all three prompts together so well! This is such a great post–heartfelt, honest, and laced with Mars vs Venus humor. Great post, Imelda! (And I LOVE your ‘Imeldism’!)

    1. Thank you, Sandra. :-)) I find myself a little too lazy these days, and uninspired to be able to respond to each prompt well enough. 🙂

  2. Well-written as always Imelda 🙂
    “…solutions kill the spirit of a freewheeling recreational talk…” Amen sister, lol!

  3. a very understanding husband – does he encourage you to chat with your girlfriend’s more, at least before he nods off? Definitely hard to raise children all day without an extended support network – i guess blogging would work pretty well 🙂

    1. He is very understanding indeed. And he does encourage me to chat with friends and family and to make new friends, except that the latter is a more difficult endeavor at this time.
      Thank you for dropping by and the comment.

  4. I sure understand the desire to have conversation, something that is beyond the daily norm. Blogging is a wonderful way to stretch your word wall wings and fly! Loved this post Imelda.

  5. I haven’t experienced what you are describing, but I can relate. You have nicely summed up a perfect dilemma. Maybe you should show this post to the “other adult”.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Lumdog. Oh, the other adult knows – I have often chided him for sleeping on me when we are chatting, especially late at night. 🙂

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Rommel. I am kind of tired of Facebook too. And from the way its stocks are behaving, many others share the sentiments. 🙂

  6. oh yes!! I was like this when my kids were little..i so craved adult conversation…I joined a MOMs club..loved the interaction with adults!! and fun for the kids. now I am sooo happy if nooone talks to me all day!!
    happy weekend!!

  7. The need to just talk–I understand that perfectly. Often it’s the act of expressing how we feel that we make sense of it, as if simply being able to get it out allows us a better perspective, a way to understand. It’s also the reason I write. 🙂

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