I especially like Ailsa’s travel theme this week – Flowers.  I like taking pictures of flowers and I collected an album-ful of them during our Philippine trip.  How handy is it to have a reason to upload photos not simply for my own indulgence but also as a response to a challenge.  The latter removes the sting from being too self-indulgent. 😉

So, when I got back to our family home, I took pictures of the flowers in the garden.  There were not too many now – there were less flowering plants at home and the little that were available were either not in very good shape or had just flowered.   Then, I took liberties with the flowers that spilled over the neighbor’s fences and those that were in the wild.  You might think that I already have uploaded so much photos in this post, but really, I was feeling sad that I was not able to photograph all of the flowers that I saw.  I got too shy bothering our neighbors (who I knew would not really ind me taking pictures of their flowers since most of our neighbors were my relatives anyway and they would happily indulge this kin who they had not seen in a long time) and second, I got too shy asking my husband and children to stay and wait under the sun while I go off the road to shoot some wild flowers.

Anyway, I just felt a bit odd that I did not know half the names of the flowers that I saw because (1) the flowering plant is something I have never seen before, or (2) the plant is familiar but I did not bother to know its name.

I have also uploaded some Philippine flower photos here and some here.

For great responses to the theme, please head over to Ailsa’s page.  Thank you.

Thank you for visiting.  Have a great day to you all.

14 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: FLOWERS

  1. I love taking pictures of flowers as well. Yours are beautiful. Thank you for uploading them for us to view and enjoy.


    1. Thanks, Janna. 🙂 Yeah, the Philippines is a gorgeous place for the scenery (as long as you are not in the big cities) 😉 and warm people (well, there are the nasty ones too) but many are nice.

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