I have difficulty capturing purple, deep purple, e.g., the deep purple of the gladiolus.   When I take a photo with the right exposure (as indicated by those nifty little marks in my camera), the color turns out red purple, not deep blue purple as it should be.




The color should be like this:


To get the dark shade,  I lowered the light until I could see the right color in my viewfinder.  It turned out to be too dark, I could barely see the outlines of the petals.  I edited the picture to increase  the brightness  to show some flower details.

Anyway, in my desire to approximate the actual purple-ness of this gladiolus, I played with the light settings and here are some results:


Different exposure, different purples.  Oh well.  I think it is magic. 😉

But come to think of it,  I have some difficulty dealing with dark, deep colors.   Dark bloody red sometimes come out a little brighter in my photos (which are at this point all in Jpeg format).  I’ve been too lazy to try the RAW file.

But thank you for dropping by and  reading.  I hope you enjoy the wonderful shades of purple. 🙂

This post is a response to Weekly Photo Challenge’s Purple Theme.  There are plenty more purple Here.

36 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Purple

  1. I have the same problems with you as well! 😀
    I almost find it’s difficult to take picture with too bright or too dark in colors such as yellow and red. I always struggle with that.
    You can set your camera to produce the image in both files, JPEG and RAW, as I do. So if I didn’t satisfy with the JPEG ones then I use the RAW ones.

    Anyway I enjoyed to see your images. 😉

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

  2. Purple is my favorite color, so I liked all the shades 🙂

    I haven’t tried RAW format, either…and I don’t mess around with the settings as much as you do. I guess I find it a little intimidating.

    Thanks for sharing your photos!

    1. Thanks, Janna. 🙂 I think I play with the buttons too much that sometimes they do not respond anymore. I can only do that though when I am not in a hurry. When I have to take pictures of family, I use the auto mode otherwise I will have a mini rebellion in my hands. 🙂

  3. Purple, and red both move… or vibrate. I don’t recall the scientific explanation or I would tell you. I do know that’s why the hummingbirds are attracted to them both, is because of the vibration of colour in purple, and red. They will come out different depending on the light. I like that you tried several exposures. RAW is awesome, I hope you dip into it soon, you will be amazed 🙂

    Always enjoy your work Imelda.

    1. Wow, this is very interesting information, K. 🙂 Thanks a lot. I tried to take a photo in RAW file this morning. I have yet to check it though.

  4. Purple is a regal color, and all the shades you captured are beautiful! You really inspire me to learn how to use my camera settings–one day, soon, I must do this, too

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