I do feel like one right now. 🙂  Besides, that title will go well with my collection of pictures here.  Tell me tell me, what is your favorite?


Wait wait wait! and here’s the best yet.

No worries.  The ingredients are rather ordinary:


Cheers to a beautiful day. 🙂 May your head be not like any of these. :-))




17 thoughts on “AIRHEAD

  1. In the morning, definitely Gnarly Head, followed by early evening Toasted Head that deteriorates later evening in to Plunger Head. You wrote the story of me 🙂

    1. Ha! Thanks for pointing out the story to me, Angeline. That works really well and that is definitely me in the course of the day. :-))

  2. Love it! I am guilty of choosing a wine by it\\’s label. My favorite is Little Penguin. The label is cute and the cork has little penguin foot prints on it!! What is up with the bear in the first one, is he getting sick from too much wine?

    1. 🙂 Me too. One day, I asked my husband to bu me a wine that was called “Mommy’s Time Out.”
      Nah, the bear is not getting sick. It just got a little fiery and fire up from having too much wine, I suppose. 🙂 😉
      Thanks for the visit and the comment, Sarah. 🙂

    1. “The alcohol content of those two can’t me that much higher than the Toasted’s”, so says the connousseuer. 😉

      Thanks for the visit and comment, Patti. They’re much appreciated.

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