The dark clouds trembled

Liquid silver mixed with dust

frogs sang through the night.

It rained a lot during our trip.

When I first set eyes on my mother’s garden, I was surprised that there was not much in it.  “The plants died.  It was too dry,” she explained.  The following day, rain poured in.   There was thunder and lightning.  There was so much water it sounded like a thousand hooves were dancing on the roof and crashing on the ground.   It rained for days.  Then there would be a few days of sun and then more rains.   I hope her garden recovers in time.

Closer to home, there have been thunderstorms and rains in the last few days.  But the water did not seep through the ground.  The soil is still dry and my plants are thirsty.  I hope for a nice rain tomorrow.  But not too much or the tomatoes will crack from imbibing too much water.   And no.  I am not being complainy. 😉  I am just being a diligent tomato mistress.  See how pretty unmarked ripe tomatoes are?

Lemon Boy Tomatoes
Juliet Tomatoes

Happy Monday to you all. 🙂


11 thoughts on “RAIN

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Not enough rain and too much rain. We need a balance right now. My neighbor grows tomatoes and always shares them with me. I love home grown tomatoes. Thanks for sharing.


    1. We love tomatoes too – something we attribute to my husband’s Italian heritage. We want plenty of them so we can can for future use.

    1. Thanks, Sandra.
      Yes, those tomatoes are good for eating plain. Those varieties are mighty sweet. And with a little balsamic vinegar, they are really out of this world…ah, well, almost. 😉

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