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Summer came at last

nature unfurled its colors

I cowered inside.

I wrote this little piece way back in June when the temperatures soared to the 90s and humidity was high.  I complained about the heat and complained bitterly. I sought solace in front of the electric fans that worked day and night and which eventually gave hot breeze.

My husband and children laughed at me.

“What happened to my island girl?” he asked.

“Mommy, that is just practice for Manila,” reminded the children.  At that time, we were preparing for our long Philippine trip.

I guess you can tell how I coped during our vacation – I hid inside the airconditioned room (an amenity that my father installed for his north based family) and complained bitterly when I was outside of it.

I now wonder how I coped with the heat before I became a four-season gal.  Youth, I suppose, allowed me to tolerate temperature extremes better than I do now.  😉 And then there was the airconditioning   – in cars, in the office, in the malls – in places where I spent most of daytime.  Late at night, when I got home, the heat had subsided and I had less reason to complain.

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48 thoughts on “SUMMER

  1. Beautiful flowers. I can relate to complaining about the heat and staying in the air conditioning. It’s amazing how fast we get acclimated to the environment we live in (being in a desert, I’ve lost my tolerance for cold weather.)

  2. I can relate very well Imelda! We didn’t have AC’s growing up and we never felt the heat as much as we do now with all the comforts of modern cooling! Lovely photos.

  3. Great pictures, I love the ants on the red flowers!
    If I could go without a/c I would. Sometimes I have to give in though.
    A great part of 4 season living is that by the time you are sick on one and looking forward to the other – it arrives (with a buffer of a few months when everything is nice an balanced).

    1. Thanks. 🙂 I think this flower has a tasty nectar, if I recall my childhood taste tests right. Hence the ants. Either that or they were just everywhere.
      I can live with just three seasons – it will be nice to have not too many snow. No, I am not complainy, not at all. 😉

  4. delightful flowers, marvelous shots!
    i also whined about the heat since i started working at home—i try to limit the use of AC to lower my overhead.:p it’s one of the things i miss working in an office where i don’t have to worry about the electric bill! LOL

  5. I detest the heat, too……It makes me dizzy and nauseous…..but at least you wrote a lovely haiku and took some lovely pics of blooms…

  6. I can so relate to what you have to say about the heat. the older I get, the less I can stand it. I think it is hot at 25 Celsius and I have no air con. Thank goodness for fans. I love your flowers. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. When it gets too warm I think of the Wizard of Oz witch that said something like “I’m melting”… hehehhe.. It’s not my favorite either.

    The flowers are beautiful Imelda 🙂

  8. Beautiful , fun and unforgettable colors of Summer. The flowers vibrant colors reminds me of happy times and great moments with family and friends. As for the heat, I can totally relate to. Houston is now in the high 90’s. I get into my car today and it felt like being inside an oven. The last time I went to the Philippines it was hot and humid but my excitement overshdowed the discomfort. I had to shower 3 times a day though. Helps cool off. Heat aside, Summer is my favorite season. Just the thought of beaches, outdoor adventures and vacation time gets me all excited. Thanks for sharing an awesome post. Best wishes to you and your family.

    1. Thanks for the visit, Island. Ah… i can imagine the heat in Texas – that is how our Northern house – traps heat – is like at the height of summer.
      Heat and humidity – good cause for shower indeed. We have no choice. 🙂

  9. I always have grand plans for the summer: picnics in the park, lots of playground time, etc. Well, when summer does come around, I am only nice and comfy inside where there is A/C, so I completely relate to this. But on cooler days, we do manage to get out and have some fun with nature! (LOVE the pictures!)

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