Weaving and spinning

the spider walked about

on the flimsy string

issuing from its mouth.

This gossamer web

glowing in the sun

all came to naught

when the rain poured down.

Brave little spider

builds his home again

just as he will do

each time his home comes to ruin.

Has it ever thought

how its work is all in vain?

What kind of hope

keeps it persevering?


Hello all. 🙂  We’re still here in the tropics where we just enjoyed a good tropical rain.

Have a great day to all.




  1. This is a great poem and photo… I am impressed. Thank you for thinking about us, while you are basking in the tropics 🙂

  2. I just wonder if there is someone looking at us humans and thinking the same thing. Through every disaster, natural or man-made, what is left of us just keeps on picking up the pieces and starting over again. We keep climbing up that drain.

    Great post. Awesome.


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