So, after almost 21 hours of flying, we are with our Philippine folks.  We are still jetlagged but we are getting better.  Through my mental and sleep fog, I checked the garden and found, with some disappointment, that most of the flowering plants and orchids were gone.  The driftwood where the orchids were attached were destroyed by the termites.  Many of the plants were in poor shape.  Only these beauties of their variety remain (I hope that the others are just waiting to recover).

There was a time when taking care of orchids was the craze in the neighborhood.  Everyone had to have orchids. It was as though there was a  competition of some sort among the ladies – who could buy more orchids; who had the most varieties; who had the most flowers.  There was a time when there were itinerant orchid sellers who plied our rural roads and would go back home empty handed.  Now, only a few rotting driftwood with struggling plants stand witness to those glory days. I suppose the fad faded or caring for the plants got too tiring or the ladies needed the orchid-space for home improvements.

But there are still these beauties to enjoy.  Yey! I hope that the rest of the plants recover.  And I just got an idea – maybe, I can help save some.

Have a happy day to you all. 🙂

Best regards,


6 thoughts on “PRETTY VANDA

  1. Hi Imelda 🙂 Glad to see you made it safely, and I hope you have a wonderful visit!!

  2. There was a time when I could identify several varieties! Finding it increasingly difficult to recall these days. Beautiful Vandas

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