TRAVEL THEME: Secret Spaces


The woods dark and silent watch time pass by
in its fertile bosom little secrets lie.
Those of little children trampling in its midst
mapping their dreams in this silent retreat.

The trees stood, they remained the same
watching time go by
as children went and came
chasing their passions
marching through the years
many were illusions ending in tears.

The woods stood silent with hope in its breast
the little children will find some rest
from all the lies they’ve been fed
poor little hearts
how much have they bled?

Bruised and broken, they retraced their steps
back to the place where their dreams were shaped
The rustling breeze brought to their ears
the calm and silence that got lost  in the years.
Thus recollected in the wood’s embrace
the once little children, at last found solace.

The above photos were taken during a family walk in the  woods surrounding my in-laws’ place in Maine.   These woods have been the playground of my husband and siblings when they were children.   Now, his own children enjoy playing in the woods.  During our outing, the children stomped their feet, made howling sounds, and even did coyote impressions.  When we went back in the house, we were told that one teen-aged girl, afraid that there was a bear roaming about, knocked on my in-laws’ door and asked to please be driven home.

And the poem was not inspired by my husband’s own woods experience.  He could never be lost – after all, he found me, eh? 😉

I am linking with Ailsa’s TRAVEL THEME: Secret Spaces. Head on over to her site for gorgeous secret places photos. 🙂

Have a great day.


15 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: Secret Spaces

  1. A thrilling story that captivates the imagination. Your words simply created a moment that anytime, a unexpected surprise will jump out of the forest. Beautiful images. Your husband and your family found a magical secret place. Wonderful post. Thanks.

    1. Thank you and welcome, Island Traveler. Yeah, my second one was especially thrilled to be allowed to play in the woods, just like his daddy did.

  2. Great photos! I love taking pictures while in forests, but haven’t tried black and white, after seeing your photos I think I really should try it.

    1. Thank you for your visit and comments, Peters154. The colored pictures were not that great so I tried black and white just to see if they would come out better. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed your poem, but I enjoyed your commentary even more. Thanks for the chuckle, and I agree that your husband can’t and will now never be lost! =)

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