“Great is the gap” as opening when the prompt is “Close” does make one wonder (to say the least) about the appropriateness of this response, doesn’t it? 🙂  

Please indulge me a bit.  Maybe, just maybe, I will hit the spot in the end.  🙂

Great is the gap
between the earth and sky
We can dream
Our souls can fly.

Free from the shackles
holding us to the world
heaven is a place
we all can behold.

Isn’t it true
that God Himself
closed the distance
between heaven and earth?

By becoming Man
He sanctified our breath
that by His resurrection
we may have life forever blest.

Well, I did get the sun to be near the earthly things.  That should be a response close enough to the prompt. Oh well. 🙂

Have a beautiful blessed day to you.


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