One  fateful sunny afternoon in Maine,  before a crowd of a million blackflies, the gladiators’ might was  tested.  Severely tested.

The protagonists getting ready for battle.
And here are the protagonists in their scariest and grimmest and most determined faces.

They came armed with the sharpest of swords and the mightiest of shields, and the sturdiest of ………

noodles(?!) –

to settle once and for all the question – ‘who  giggles the loudest”, ” cries the most?”  “runs the fastest?” and all sorts of important issues.

It was a free for all, no Mommy and Daddy scolding, that is – more a perk, not a rule.

Honor and laughs were on the line.  The gladiators  fought with all their might.

The Great Swordfight!

They attacked, parried, and run… for flag and glory!

Referee tried to be as impartial as he could.  All pretenses to sobriety, however,  went with the wind when an offending noodle landed on his side.

Pretending to protect the underdog, he dished whacks of his own.

The gladiators, of course,  did not take the attacks  sitting down.  They fought and schemed ….

…executed the plan,

Who can stand against Gladiators 3?

until finally,  the unjust referee was vanquished.

For his punishment, the Referee had to carry the victorious gladiators all over the place amidst giggling and squealing and requests for more.



The Gladiators thank Grandpop for the wonderful shields.  He made the shield especially for the little fighters.  Special thanks too to Grandma and Grandpop for the props, stage direction, and location. 🙂

I am linking this post to THIS MAN’S JOURNEY’S .  Happiness is this week’s theme. His is a wonderful blog with lovely posts and photos.  Do head over his page for the wonderful responses from him and friends. 🙂

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Have a blessed happy day to you all.

14 thoughts on “CLASH OF THE TITANS

  1. Wow Imelda, I felt like I was watching the cooler version of the movie Clash with the Titans. Fun and exciting from beginning. The referee was a total awesome sport. He gave the little gladiators the ultimate gift, the gift of having a magical, happy childhood. And grandpop and grandmom totally rocks by pitching in their talents, making sure this event will be celebrated with joyful memories for the many years to come. Hep, hep, Hurray! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  2. Great, fun collages/photos Imelda; I think of what a kick your boys will get out of looking at these when they’re older 🙂 Great memories documented!

    1. Thank you for the visit and the lovely words, Shannon. They were kind of brutal too, but they were mostly concerned with perceived cheating and unfair rules. That was when they cried and protested most. I think your children, as mine, would be thrilled to have a (supervised) free-for-all. 🙂 Happy weekend to you too.

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