A (Not so) Wordless Wednesday post linked with IN HIM WE MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEINGWelcome To Royalegacy's reviews and giveaways PROJECT ALICIA .

10 thoughts on “GIGGLEPOT

    1. Thank you Colleen. Because I am his mother and I am allowed to gush about him, I’d say ‘YES! YES! You are more than right.” hahahaha

  1. I can almost hear his belly laughs here. ‘Gigglepot’ is a word I’ll remember from now on. We get less of it as kids get older…

    1. Gigglepot is a new word to me too. We were in the NH Liquor Store and when I am there, I look for funny wine names. Gigglepot caught my fancy. I wonder how it tastes like.

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