Fire poured in the river
in streams of orange and gold
The world’s left in darkness
hiding beauty in its fold.

In the stillness of the water
the wizard painted the sky
little lights conquered  darkness
and watched the world go by.

Light blooms in the horizon
lifting the misty veil
the river sends out its clarions
to herald the break of day.


Whenever our family drove up north of Massachusetts, we passed by this segment of Charles River along I-95.   Just for information, Charles River or River Charles, is a Boston landmark.   It is a tributary of the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve always wanted to take a photograph.   The shimmering waters always provided a lovely contrast to the gray of the road.  But taking its picture was quite the task :  going up – the River is on the left side of the road.  My view was always blocked by rushing vehicles, if I could get a good view at all.  On a return trip, it would be on my side of the road.  But we are almost always driving fast.   The river was gone even before I have positioned my camera.

One day, my fortune changed.  Coming home a little later from Mass, the sunset accompanied us on our drive back home.  I’ve been busy taking pictures of the sunset over interstate scenery.  From a distance, I saw the building on top of the hill that overlooked the river, then the fiery waters.  And my camera was ready.   The start of road construction slowed the vehicles.  I got several shots, during one of those magical moments.

What a miracle to cap a beautiful day. 🙂


I thought I would never get to link up with Where’s My Backpack? this week.  Ailsa’s current challenge  – OCEANS –  is difficult for a non-traveler like me .  Thanks to this little surprise,  I am able to  join in.   Do visit her page for wonderful photos and linkups. 🙂

Have a blessed beautiful day.


15 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: Oceans

      1. I am SOOOoOOoOooo far behind schedule, but my schedule is shifting to allow more writing time this week, so I hope. Thank you for the boost Imelda!

  1. It was meant to be, Imelda. It’s not too often that being stuck in traffic has its advantages, but this time it paid off. Really beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you, Carol. That was, to me, a miracle. We came from Mass, my son had his First Holy Communion, then there was Benediction afterwards, then that sunset on the way home.

  2. You have such a way with words, Imelda. I love the poem and the beautiful pictures. They are a treat for the poetry and photography lover in me! ‘Light blooms in the horizon, lifting its misty veil…’ is a stunning description. <3.

    1. Thanks a lot, Sandra. I was thankful when I saw that sunset because suddenly I had the inspiration to write something. Or more accurately, there was something that ‘forced’ me to write. 🙂

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