After two weeks of using a laptop, I am back to my desktop.  I am back home.  Yey! Vacation time is fun time, but there is no place like home.  I get to see in my usual computer the things that I have posted in the last two weeks. It was odd looking at them on a much bigger screen.  Everything just seem to jump at me, including the pictures I uploaded.  Well, most especially the pictures.  I had no program for resizing pictures in the laptop, that’s why.

Anyway, two weeks ago, when we left to visit family, I was a little sad to leave the flowers that were just about to bloom – the roses, the peonies, the lilies, etc.  After a meandering trip back home, we arrived in the not-so-early evening when the sun was just about to set.  When I saw our driveway, I was greeted with a most wonderful surprise – flowers in full bloom.  And  well, tall grass too.  The latter, however, was easily outshone by the fountain of color that greeted me.

Westerland Roses

The Stella de Oros waited too –

And the peonies, they were also still in bloom although the stems have bowed down to the rains and the flowers were soaked and slumped on the ground.  I had no qualms about cutting the flowers this time.

I thank God for these lovely surprises as I brace myself  for the work that needs to be done after  two weeks of fun.

Have a blessed day to you all. 🙂

5 thoughts on “HOME SWEET HOME

    1. Thanks, Diane. That shot was the last shot. Every shot before that had a full light and they all came out a little yellow. I am glad you liked that one. 🙂

  1. Your flowers are beautiful 🙂 Those peonies – lovely…they’re Huge!

    1. They are really beautiful, and nature, to keep peony from being too proud and vain, made peony flowers so wimpy with the rain. The flowers are too big and heavy that they fall over with the slightest rain and wind. I sound whiny, don’t I? 😉

      1. No, you don’t. Growing up, there were peonies in my backyard, and I know just what you mean 🙂

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