Trifextra: Week Nineteen

challenged us to complete the phrase “It wasn’t the first time” in 33 words excluding the prompt words.  Here are my two responses.  Thank you for dropping by and reading. 🙂



“It wasn’t the first time he said  ‘I’m the boss’.” Daddy observed.
“That’s cute.” Mommy giggled.
“I’m worried.”
“He’s  four!”
“This toy’s ugly!” Said a little voice. CRASH!
Mommy cooed.  “Sorry, Sweetie. Do you want a new one?”


It wasn’t the first time that her heart was broken.
Over his promises that held no meaning.
He cares not. When will she ever learn?
Yet when he calls…. sigh! … she comes running.
Heart, don’t do the thinking.

22 thoughts on “2 FOR TRIFECTA

    1. Thanks, K. hmmmmm, I understood it to mean that I can add 33 more words to the 5 word prompt for a total of 38 words. Oh my! The Office is beckoning. 😀

  1. Eeks! Little bosses scare me. Even scarier is that the little ones seem to know so much about wielding power.

    I liked the line about the heart not doing the thinking on the second one. I do think it’s best for the brain to keep a heart in check 🙂

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Janna.
      Little bosses do scare me quite a bit too. I shudder to think at how they will be as teenagers. Regarding the second one, it is one of those ‘easier said than done’ things. Yay!

  2. I have myself a Little Boss right here with me, asleep in my bed! And what a battle it is between Heart and Brain when it comes to tragic love! Both great finishes to the prompt, Imelda!

    1. So true. Each night, I pray that my little ones turn out right. One tyrant is hard enough to handle. 4 is a little too much. 😀

  3. Love is indeed blind and heart driven, which can stink! As long as the Little Boss doesn’t grow up to break things, I am sure that he will be the greatest boss wherever he is at!

  4. Thanks for linking up with Trifecta this weekend. Funny about the little bosses–they have me completely prepared to re-enter the workforce. There’s no way I’ll ever be up against someone more demanding. Or controlling. Or self-important. They probably won’t be as cute, either, but. . .

    Hope to see you back again soon.

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