“Please be careful.” Jessica begged her husband.

“Don’t worry. I’d be collecting harvest leftovers this time. They’d only wilt and decay otherwise. This should not be too risky.” Peter replied, shuddering at the remembrance of the nearly fatal run a week ago.

He slung his sack over his shoulders and cast a look upon their sleeping little ones in a corner of the cozy home. You’ll never get hungry, children. He vowed. As he stepped into the threshold, Jessica clung to him one last time.

“Here,” she said, handing him a Rabbit’s Foot. “This was Grandfather’s.”

Peter kissed her nose then looped the charm on his belt. He stepped into the nippy air and headed straight towards the pine trees. The farm house, still imposing but had started to decay, loomed before him. Beyond that was the vegetable farm. Peter checked the windows. They were dark and empty. He scurried to the hedges on the side of the house, taking care not to step on the dry leaves covering the ground. He could not see the window above the bushes. He breathed deeply.  He smelled sweat mingled with bug repellant. He pricked his ears.

“I saw him run across the yard.” A voice said.

“Get your gun ready.” Another one replied.

Footsteps moved away from the window. A door opened and closed. Peter tensed. His destination was just a few meters away now. The trap was safely behind him. He edged against the porch, listening for signs of the enemy. He was nowhere. All was quiet but for the TV sounds coming from the nearby room.

He scurried to the farm. 3, 2, 1 meters to go. He decided to jump the last meter. As he sailed up, a crack rent the air. The Rabbit’s Foot fell on the ground. And Peter flew past the cabbage patch.

“Oh darn Rabbit! I missed again!” An exasperated voice exclaimed.


This post was written as my 33-333 word response to the challenge posted by
Trifecta: Week Twenty-Nine.
The word this week is DECAY which for this challenge means to fall into ruin.   I’d like to thank this wild one for the inspiration. 😉
He showed on the day I was mulling over my response to the challenge.   There seems to be a standing animosity between him and some people dear to me.
Thank you for dropping by and reading.  I appreciate your comments.
Best regards,


18 thoughts on “THE FOOD GATHERER

  1. This is so cute! Funny thing is that I didn’t figure out that Peter was a rabbit until the end (yeah, you can’t get anything past me :))

    It made the second read even funnier, like Grandfather’s foot (very clever the way you wrote that!)

    1. ha ha ha Now, because you mentioned him, I have something for you:

      And yes, he’s almost as furry as a 4-legged rabbit. 😉

    1. I have seen some of those too, hanging from keychains, decorating bag zippers. I suppose the ‘luck’ they brought more than compensated for the yuck. 😉

  2. “This was Grandfather’s.” – literally 😉 Like jannatwrites, I was thinking people at first. Very clever!

  3. That does give “it was grandfather’s” a whole new meaning! You did a great job with the sensory details here — it feels very immediate.

  4. Loved this! I had no idea you were writing from the rabbit’s perspective. I was holding my breath as he jumped into the air. Amazing writing!!!

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