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From gossamer threads crystal beads hung
swaying in the breeze, catching the sun.
A sparkling canopy resting on grassy blades,
this little palace out of fairy tales.
Too many have craved this home’s silvery lights
and too late found they’ve been locked in tight.
Into this delicate web they’ve all been lured
that silken tongued spider had all of them fooled.
It’s been said –  “not all that glitters is gold”
with discerning minds, ask what the heart should hold?

11 thoughts on “INTO THE GLASS WEB

    1. Thank you Melody – for the visit and nice comments. Well, the little spideys remove some of the bad bugs, so they are not too bad. 😉

      1. True. I actually like spiders, if they aren’t huge and hairy. They do fill a specific role in the world and as such have a terrific contribution to make. They just need to not crawl on me, and I’m fine! 🙂

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