A seed does not grow
until it falls to the ground
Upon your sacrifice
this generation stands.
With your blood and valor
freedom was bought
that each man, woman and child
will live as they ought.
With joy and dignity
as our Creator meant
may our lives be worthy
of the lives you’ve spent.

The photos were taken from a tiny tiny cemetery buried in the woods of rural Maine.   Dates on the tombstones revealed that the last internment was likely in the 1930’s.  Majority of the tombs were dated in the mid – late 1800’s.  It is likely that veterans from the Civil War and even Revolutionary War  were buried  here.   The American Legion decorates and takes care of the graves (at least that is what I heard). 🙂

Have a beautiful day.  It is quite rainy in here with lighting and thunderstorm.  Fun!




  1. Nicely done Imelda. There are some old stones on the east coast. I took some while I was in Georgia that were predominantly from the Civil War period. Fascinating to see… I don’t know why, but they were to me.

    • Thanks, K. 🙂
      I think part of the fascination is the history that each stone says, whether it is purely private in scope or whether it is part of public history. And on a superficial level, the weathering on the stone can be interesting. 🙂

  2. “may our lives be worthy
    of the lives you’ve spent.”
    I love this. Beautiful tribute Imelda!

  3. I think that you chose black and white here makes these pictures even more poignant than they are. Beautiful tribute to the war veterans, Imelda.

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