TRAVEL THEME: Street Markets

Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack invited me to join her photo challenge – Travel Theme:  Street Markets.  Somehow, the theme did not sink in my head.  I was focused on the word “Travel” and promised to post fresh pictures from a vacation.  When the theme did sink in, I realized I could not make good on my word.  Yet, I did not want to forego an invitation from a nice person either.  Besides, there are too many great people, not to mention responses, that certainly keep me wanting to go back  to her page.   I’d be glad if you check that out for yourself. 🙂

The closest street market photos I have were pictures I took of the Quincy Market   area, in Boston,  last year.    Since my home files are not available at the moment, I had to dig through my web storage, a.k.a. Facebook, for copies of the pictures.

The Quincy Market area is, should I say, an oasis in the middle of Boston’s highrise condominium and office buildings.   It is a welcome treat for the foodie.  The entire building is dedicated to food stalls selling tastes from all over the world.   It offers outdoor sitting for those who would like to watch people, feed the birds, or listen to musicians entertain the crowds.

It offers therapy to the shop-a-holic who is likely to be drawn by the booths offerings knick-knacks and all sorts of stuff and by the more conventional shopping stalls in the adjacent South Market which offers high-end clothing and other merchandise.

And yes, before I forgot,  Quincy Market is a part of the  Faneuil Hall Marketplace which, apart from shopping, offers museums and cultural events.

This photo was taken on a day when citizen aspirants were waiting their turn to swear allegiance to the US Flag in historic Faneuil Hall which is in front of Quincy Market.

South Market



  1. Thank you for visit my blog, dear Imelda ♥
    Your shots show us, Boston is a wonderful city with lovely peopels and nice historic buildings. Great pics!
    Have a nice week,

  2. Quincy Market is so alive and vibrant. Looks like a fun place to discover a lot of things as well as meet interesting people. Beautiful photos with so much colors and excitement. A very cool entry!

    • It was a fun place indeed. 🙂 Too bad I did not have much time to go around when I was there or to sample more of the food offerings. It is harder to do when I felt like mother duck with several ducklings in tow. 🙂

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