One warm May Day, little children’s dreams of sleeping in a tent came true.  They have been wanting to go camping since winter and had patiently waited for the weather to get warm.  Then one day, while visiting Grandma and Grandpop, the temperature was finally right.  And so, in their grandparents’ backyard, the little children and Daddy pitched a tent. They hauled their sleeping bags and quilts.

They picked up sticks and rocks for the campfire pit.  And waited for the sun to set.

And just when the sun went down, Daddy started the fire and the children roasted the marshmallows and had their fill.

While mosquitoes buzzed in their ears, they looked at the starry moonlit night, listened to the chirping of the crickets, the rustle of leaves, the flap of bat wings, the howling of dogs, and even the roar of the ATV.   The night was exciting and made the familiar so different.

They talked and chatted and did not worry about changing into their pajamas, or brushing their teeth and all other inconveniences that going to bed required.  😉   When they got too tired, they went to sleep, in their marshmallow covered clothes, repeating what they have often said in the course of the night “I love camping. Let’s do it again.”  They slept soundly and woke up to a beautiful day.

52 Photos Project Week 6: LIGHT IN THE DARK

27 thoughts on “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Summer

  1. It’s moments like this, that they will cherish long after their hair has turned whatever shade of grey it will become. Beautiful!

    1. I hope so. Children need beautiful memories to carry them through the rough patches. Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate it. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Diane. They had great fun indeed, so much so that they want to spend more nights in the tent. Alas! for them. Rains are in for the next few days.

  2. Love it! This what a fun and adventurous Summer with family is. I hope to one day bring my son camping. I just have to convince my wife to join in. The happiness and excitement on your kids faces are priceless. This is one Summer they won’t forget. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Island Traveler.
      You know, I did not want to join the boys initially. Then I realized that I would miss out on the fun and I would miss them. So I joined the camping even when I am such a creature of comfort. It might be the same for your wife. She might enjoy the time with the family even when the ‘bed’ was bumpy. 🙂 And starting in the backyard is not a bad idea. 😉

  3. These are great pics to go along an equally beautiful story. Just this weekend my daughter asked about camping for the first time. Alas, as a city slicker, it might not happen for a while. your boys are so lucky! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh…did this make me cry with joyful memories of doing this with my own children so many years ago! Love your photo journalling account of the event, which will be such a treasure for them for many. many years to come! Bravo, Imelda!

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