I have a trove of treasures
that comes only with the rain
they are of such design
no man can ever claim.

How delicate they are
so ephemeral their art
each is a masterpiece
that will surely delight.

Regarding their clarity
there can be no doubt
they throw off light
they reflect everything about.

Each gem is cut
in the shape of a tear
But on a surface
it is half a sphere.

They’re, however, lighter
than most other gems.
They’d never burden
one’s innocence.

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15 thoughts on “TO RAINDROPS

  1. May I ask when the best time is to get photos like these? Is it dew or is it after a light rain??? I’m so jealous of these photos though 🙂 Thank you for uploading them, they definitely brightened my day!

    ~My Blog

    1. The droplets you see in these photos are either raindrops or dewdrops. The rose leaves, the flower, and the evergreens have raindrops. The grass and grape leaves have dew drops. After a light rain and early morning (before the sun evaporates the dew) are best times for taking these photos – the droplets still cling to the foliage.

      Thanks you so much for visiting this page and the comment. They are much appreciated. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for replying! I definitely appreciate the input and will be trying to get some of these photos sometime 🙂 Have a great day Imelda!

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love macro work in general, and these are spectacular.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. i am touched by simplicity of your poem. if robert blake has his grain of sand, you have your dew drop. awesome!

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