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Yes.  I am using the preposition “A” instead of “The” because I am certain that more rose pictures will grace this pages in the near future, wet or not. 🙂  I like roses (who does not?) even when they are thorny and a little persnickity.  There are several of them in the yard  –  planted helter skelter anywhere they might possibly grow.   For them, I dug 2 x 2 ft. holes.   I did not mind.  I would have dug up some more for new plants but I ran out of suitable places.  As of last count, there are 12 bushes in the yard – in varying degrees of health and number of blackspots.  I do not know how to deal with them.

These pictures are of roses from 4 bushes.  They were still mostly buds when I took the pictures.  They should all be in full bloom by now.  The climbing roses, the orange ones, should be full of flowers by now.  But I am on a holiday.  I am missing the show.

Let me introduce the roses –

Pink – Mary Magdalene

Orange (first three orange flowers) – Westerland (a climber)

Orange with more varied shades – Joseph’s Coat (older flowers turn dark pink)

Yellow – Golden Celebration

I hope you enjoyed this little show.  Have a beautiful blessed Friday. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “A (WET) ROSE PARADE

  1. I have a wonderful Orange Swirl out front, and one I do not know the name of in the back. Two years ago an orphan, native showed up, and I have been nurturing it. It hasn’t bloomed yet, but it’s gone from the 8″ shoot it was, to a branchy thorn bush 😉

    Love the names of your roses… I just enjoy loving flowers with you!

    1. It is nice to have volunteer plants. They are mostly pleasant surprises. We should have a Plant and Flower club. 🙂 Like you, I cannot have enough of them. :-))

    1. Thanks thanks. I am happy you do not tire of the photos I present here. 🙂 There will be more soggy pictures in the coming days. 🙂

  2. I always did love the rose parade…and now I love THIS one too. I like how you put this post together and the photos, themselves!

  3. Who doesn’t love roses?? These are spectacular and watching the video while playing some good jazz is a wonderful experience. Love it all!! 😀

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