Whoever named this bug a ladybug had absolutely no regard for the male (lady)bug’s feelings.  Oh no! None at all. 😉 Well, I am just chanelling the male ladybug from It’s a Bug’s Life.   It just ruined his credibility as a rough and tough bug goonie to be constantly referred to as ‘lady’.

Anyway,  I was so glad to find a ladybug on the leaf of a rose plant the other day.  I think they are pretty bugs.  My little son enjoyed looking at it too.

Aside from being beautiful,   their presence signal the end of the  nasty bugs’ reign in our  garden.   Each spring, I have to spray a fish-smelling  concoction on the plants to kill the leaf-eaters and wait for the arrival of the friendly critters.   The company from which I bought a couple of rose plants proudly refers to ladybugs as garden helpers and buy a lot of them  for their gardens.

My luck held the following day when, while taking pictures of the watery pine needles, I chanced upon an odd-looking bug.  It was the same size as a lady bug but it was not quite a ladybug.  

Based on comparisons with available pictures online, it seems that this is a ladybug pupa.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am linking this post to Photobucket ‘s LIFE theme.

Have a blessed day.


5 thoughts on “THE EVER A LADY BUG

  1. The little gal I took care of in Georgia had a lady bug nest in her playroom. I was helping her clean up a mess in there and saw all these tiny little things on the window. After grabbing the window cleaner to wipe it off, I realized they were moving, there were so many baby bugs that it was hard to count! They are TINY when they are babies!

    1. That is a goosebump moment. No matter how cute ladybugs are, seeing those little wiggly critters is a little ewww inducing. 🙂

  2. lol. I love lady bugs but never thought about the name — they’re just so, well lady like, but I guess also handsome! I’m not a gardener, but tempted to order a ladybug bunch just to have them to flit around my yard!

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